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Free Download Serial Ghorbaghe Part 9 

Shamsabadi goes to see Nouri and asks him to go with her.
Nouri: What if I do not accept your invitation?
Shamsabadi: I insist. Or should we go or talk here?
Nouri: What should I say?
Shamsabadi: Do you know hypnosis?
Nouri: A little.
Shamsabadi: How do you know?
Nouri gives him a card and Samadi Abadi touches it.
Shamsabadi: I mean, if I want to be hypnotized, I have to look at this card?
Nouri says: No, you should look into my eyes …
Shamsabadi becomes hypnotized and Nouri asks him many questions.

Nouri calls Soroush and says: You told someone what am I doing?
Either you said or Leila and Abad. Leila does not want anything bad for her brother. So …

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