Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

In the previous episode, we saw that Frank rescued Ramin and offered to help him produce the hypnotic substance.
Ramin went to Villa Nouri. Nouri said to one of his people: Go and see if Shamsabadi still has a finger or not.
Ramin said to Nouri: If you give me a week, then my passport will come and I will leave Iran. Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

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In the yard of the villa, Ramin meets a girl who is Leila, Nouri’s sister. The two talk to each other and that’s when Soroush arrives. He fights with Ramin again and even threatens him that he no longer has the right to be with Leila. Suddenly one of the people falls from the roof to the ground. He survives but his arms and legs are injured and he is taken to hospital.

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Genre: Ghorbaghe



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