Serial Ghorbaghe Part 7

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 7

Franak cleverly stole Ramin’s severed finger. Franak fights with his boyfriend and kicks him out of the house. She had hypnotized Ramin and now Ramin is back to take revenge on Frank. Ramin, who stayed up on the highway last night with his eyes open until morning and did not sleep. He has come to Franak’s house to get his magically amputated finger back.

Ghorbaghe Series Summary

Frank points out to him that the finger is in the refrigerator but has lost its eater because he has used it to tease his friend. Something that accompanies Ramin’s anger. Ramin removes the fallen finger from the property and heads to their house in the town of Ektbatan. He sleeps there at night. In the morning, the intelligence agents came to Vali and followed him. Ramin found out about the incident and tried to escape.

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