Serial Ghorbaghe Part 6

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 6

The 6th episode of the series Frog begins where Ramin is standing on a runway of a helicopter where a person who is apparently the guard is there because he thinks that he is trying to commit suicide. Police who were after Ramin have arrived and are trying to arrest him. Ramin escapes. He has just gained the power to hypnotize others.

Summary oF Ghoorbaghe Part 6

He has gained this power through a severed finger. He goes to a restaurant and tries to hide his finger in the middle of a torn balloon. Police escort Ramin to the courthouse in a criminal van with two officers. But since Ramin has already hypnotized one of them.
On the way, Ramin hypnotizes them and instructs them to stand in a secluded place. Ramin is saved from trouble. He then asks the hypnotized agent to find someone. That girl, Frank, is Ramin’s friend. She has been Ramin’s mistress for the past years and the two seem to have planned to get married. Ramin knows that Frank works in the lab and he is a doctor.

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