Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5

Ramin takes his mother out of the house and takes her shopping. On their way, they find out that the police have searched the cars and set up a checkpoint. Ramin gets stressed and his mother says to him: Why has your voice changed? Have you done anything wrong? Ramin denies it and says nothing. The police stop them to search their car. The police tell Ramin to open the trunk to look inside but…

Summary Of Ghoorbaghe Part 5

In Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5: When police search the trunk, they find a human finger and say, “What is this?” what have you done? Whose finger is this? Ramin says: This finger belongs to my mother. She cuts her finger with a knife while cooking. We held this finger for the doctor to stitch, but they could not and said that a long time had passed and they could not fix it. The policeman tells him: You are lying, this finger has just been cut off, but your mother’s finger seems to have been cut off for a hundred years.

Genre: Ghorbaghe



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