Serial Ghorbaghe Part 3

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In the previous episode of the Frog series, we witnessed strange events. All three main characters in the series were very strange and terrifying in less than thirty seconds. It was very strange that the mood of the two thieves changed and they became kind of hypnotized.

Serial Ghorbaghe Part 3

In the new episode of the Frog series, several men work to kill stray dogs. One day while they were working, a dog suddenly bit one of the workers.
They are looking for a dog everywhere, after a few hours one of them finds a dog and says: This is the dog that bit my hand.
They all hurriedly pick up their guns to fire.
Soroush fires from a distance, but suddenly they realize that he is not a dog but a human.

The events of the Ghorbaghe series

The police arrest Soroush. The man had only one son. The boy has MS and is asking the court to pay a ransom in exchange for his consent.

The boy’s lawyer says: My client can not work due to illness. His father cared for him and provided for him. She now needs money to be able to take care of herself.
But Soroush, who had no money, offered the boy to live together and Soroush took care of him and paid his expenses. Soroush’s mother dies and Soroush sells their house and rents a bigger house to live with that boy and …

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