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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 1 (Download And Watch Online)

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In serial Ghorbaghe part 1, Hooman Sidi, after playing in Golshifteh series, explicitly announced that he no longer intends to play in any movie or series that will be broadcast on the show’s home network. But this is not the case with his directing. These days, Hooman Sidi is hardly involved in making the Ghorbaghe series. A masterpiece that is expected to reach the highest audience.

An interesting point about the Frog series is the presence of the successful face of these years of cinema, “Navid Mohammadzadeh”. Mohammadzadeh, who previously collaborated with Hooman Sidi in the movie “Small Rusty Brains”, is in the serial Ghorbaghe part 1. This is the first time we see Navid Mohammadzadeh in the form of a series that is broadcast on the show’s home network. So you can expect a special series.

Along with Navid Mohammadzadeh, actors such as “Sarkar Khanum Sahar Dolatshahi”, “Saber Abr”, “Fereshteh Hosseini”, “Navid Pourfaraj” and Hooman Sidi himself will play roles. Of course, this is the only list that was presented months ago, when the Frog series was in the pre-production stages, and many other letters have been added to this masterpiece so far.

The director of photography for the Frog series is also “Peyman Shadmanfar”.

When This Series Will Play?

Hello to the honorable people of Iran
I spent almost three years of my professional and personal life building (the frog). I spent the best days of my life doing this just because of the value and respect I had for my sweet people and my profession.

It is worth mentioning that this series has been ready for broadcast for some time and has been postponed for unknown reasons. In any case, the official announcement of the broadcast was postponed to (November); Again, for some reason, Ershad asked us to postpone the broadcast date to (Azar). Which ultimately led to the annoyance of the right of the audience to call the series team unplanned.

And now, at this moment, the esteemed producer has officially announced to me that it is not possible to broadcast again in (Azar) and we must postpone the broadcast to the first of (December) at the request of Irshad!

Synopsis of Serial Ghorbaghe part 1

The world is a small place for me. Sometimes I think I’m choking. I feel closed everywhere and I can not breathe.
Serial Ghorbaghe is perhaps the most different Iranian series in terms of storyline. The atmosphere of this story is such that no Iranian director has set foot in it so far. Due to the nature of the story, some of the sequences have been produced in other countries, and pictures of the filming of this series have recently been published in Thailand.

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