Mikhaham Zende Bemanam Part 6

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The series I Want to Survive tells the story of the past and the events of the sixties, in addition to recalling that time. A story that has a lot of events in its heart and has created an interesting beginning by creating the right and detailed atmosphere.

Detail Of Mikham Zende Bemoonam – سریال میخواهم زنده بمانم

Nader is a teacher and Homa is painting on glass and Nader intends to propose to Homa soon. Homa likes a box of music that is both a mirror and Tchaikovsky’s music can be heard as it opens, but the antique salesman tells them dialogues that somehow predict their relationship. In fact, the audience gets the feeling that their lives will not go as smoothly and there will definitely be problems along the way.

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