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malakeye gedayan 2 part 5

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Malakeye Gedayan Season 2 part 5 serial

Malakeye Gedayan part 5

سریال ملکه گدایان فصل دوم قسمت 5

Arya follows Leia and Parsa and wants to know what is going on in the garden of the villa, and on the other hand, the bomb works with Sara so that Afra and Alborz enter a new path.


Jalal complains to Leia and imprisons her. When police officers came to take Laia with her, Leia hated to tell Jalal that she was pregnant, causing Leia to give birth to her child in prison, and Jalal never saw his child. Darius goes to Fariba’s office and talks to her and…

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این قسمتو برای دوستاتم بفرست

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