Malake Gedaian Part 8

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Serial Malake Gedaian Part 8

A year ago, Alborz came up with a complex and large formula during his experiments at a laboratory provided to him in Hamburg, with which several current incurable diseases can be treated.

The Queen sends Afra to beg with a baby. Soheil and Alborz went to the charity center to receive the food needed by Muftabad, but Aria did not deliver the food. Finally, Soheil introduces Alborz as Afra’s brother and Aria gives the food.

Dariush and Parsa are going to Sara’s place of residence, Dariush is constantly looking for the address and is unaware that the place in question is Sara’s place. Parsa sarcastically reminds Sarah that her drug use has increased. Sara gives the case of Alborz coming and its consumables to Parsa. Parsa looks at Sara in astonishment.

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