Malake Gedaian Part 7

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Serial Malake Gedaian Part 7

Arya’s mother meets Afra at the concert, but she does not like her very much. His mother and Afra talk in a room and at the end, Afra leaves in a rage. Arya’s mother is not at all satisfied with Arya’s decision to marry Afra and asks questions to find out if they had a special relationship or not.

Sarah’s cousin, who was arrested and detained in the previous episodes due to a clash with Alborz in a cafe, encounters a special appointment at the police station, and he is none other than Parsa Vakhel Khorshid, who seeks his release, and finally does the same. He does and releases him on parole. It is not yet clear what Parsa’s purpose is, but it can be speculated that it is in line with Parsa’s previous plans to carry out his plans against Alborz.

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