Malake Gedaian Part 4

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Malake Gedaian Part 4

Darius has now come to the aid of Alborz. He wants to help Alborz understand the story. They go to the gallery and make a fuss. The owner of the gallery is fighting with Alborz. Alborz says: Tell me the truth, how much money do you pay?
The owner of the gallery denies it and says: You are crazy, you are not Alborz, your name is Farhad. Alborz laughs out loud and Afra comes.

سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت 4 

Summary Of Malake Gedayan Part 4

After injecting the first syringe into the Afra, Alborz threatens him that if he does not tell him the real story and recent events, he will be paralyzed after a few minutes, but if he walks with him, he will inject him with another ampule, which causes It prevents paralysis. The controversy escalates, at the same time that the people around are pressuring Alborz to inject the syringe into Afra sooner, but Alborz does not give in until Afra confesses and reveals the truth.

she states that behind all these stories is Queen. Sarah takes her dollars back from Dariush to leave the gallery, but …

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