Malake Gedaian Part 2

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Malake Gedaian Part 2

The story of the film begins in Turkey. Sarah’s mother tells her: The situation we are in is not good at all, a wedding with 4 people is not interesting at all, let me call my uncle and tell them to come to your wedding too. Batool tells Sarah: Do not think that you owe Khosrow’s family for the rest of your life. He replies that I do not think so, I love Alborz and I want to marry him.

سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت دوم 

Summary – ملکه گدایان پارت 2

Batool and Sara arrive at the hotel. Alborz and the sun come to see them. They are planning a wedding and it is going to be held on the ship. Sarah’s mother asks Alborz about her job and the field she studied, and they have fun together. During the wedding ceremony, the Khorshid’s phone rings and someone tells her that her husband has had a stroke and is not in a good condition. Alborz prepares tickets for his mother and fiancé to leave Turkey and return to Iran. He then goes to a criminal gang to smuggle Alborz into Iran. Alborz calls Sara after finishing his work to deposit money for that group, but …

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