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Film Irani Chehel o Haft

The film tells the story of three 47-year-old women from three different social classes.
The events in the film are such that these three women also subconsciously affect their lives.

Story Of Film Irani 47

The story of a woman escaping from her husband’s beatings begins with her daughter entering the house.
As soon as the girl entered the house, she noticed the fight between her mother and father and went to the city to find the runaway mother.

Movie Details

  • Movie Name: Forty-Seven | 47
  • Genre: Social
  • Farsi language
  • Audience: Adults
  • Director: Ahmad Atraghchi and Alireza Ataullah Tabrizi
  • Actors: Laden Mostofi, Mehdi Ahmadi, Rima Raminfar

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